How to create an affiliate marketing website

Want to create a website for affiliate marketing? One where you get to make money passively?

Search the internet for ways to make money online, and you are sure to find affiliate marketing as one of the options. It’s by far the easiest way to make money online.

Affiliate income isn’t entirely passive though. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes.

From deciding on a niche and finding the right products to building a website and generating a steady stream of traffic, there’s a lot that goes into affiliate marketing.

The good news is that we’ve outlined all you need to know about creating a website for affiliate marketing here. We walk you through the entire process step by step.

Want to create an affiliate marketing website? Let’s jump right in!

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      1. What is affiliate marketing?

      1. Why should you create an affiliate marketing website?

      1. How to create an affiliate marketing website

      1. 13 tips and tricks to succeed at affiliate marketing

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      1. Want to create an affiliate marketing website?

    What is affiliate marketing?

    Affiliate marketing is where you sell someone else’s product or service through your affiliate links and earn a commission. It is the easiest way to start an online business and make money.

    Affiliate marketing has been gaining popularity, evident from this Google Trends report.

    Did you know that the top affiliate marketers make well over six or 7-figure incomes?

    What makes affiliate marketing so popular? Well, there is more than one reason.

    Some advantages of affiliate marketing are:

        • Low start-up costs and high ROI

        • You don’t need a product or service of your own

        • You don’t need to worry about shipping the product

        • You don’t need to handle customer support

        • You don’t require a team, office, or any other overheads

      This means you can create an affiliate marketing website and build a thriving business all by yourself right away.

      How does affiliate marketing work?

      There are three primary entities in affiliate marketing.

      The merchant, the affiliate, and the customer.

      (Source: SimilarWeb)

      The merchant is the product or service owner. They take care of shipping, handling customer support, and everything related to the product.

      The affiliate (also referred to as a publisher) is you. You’ll create a website for affiliate marketing and then promote the product or service through various channels, such as your website, blog, YouTube, social media platforms, and email list, and anywhere else you can think of.

      Finally, you have the customer who purchases the product or service that you are promoting.

      The merchant creates an affiliate program and offers a percentage or fixed fee for sales. You promote the product or service and place links to them within your content.

      If your reader, viewer or follower purchases from that merchant using your link, you earn that percentage or fixed fee.

      Most merchants run an affiliate program. They let affiliate marketers sign up for their program and promote their products and services.

      For instance, Astra also has an affiliate program.

      When you sign up for an affiliate program and get approved, you’ll find your unique affiliate links in your account dashboard.

      For instance, when you sign up and get approved for the Astra affiliate program, you’ll be able to access your affiliate links from the account dashboard.

      Your link will be something similar to this,

      You can now go ahead and promote your affiliate link across various platforms. When a customer clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you stand to earn a commission.

      How to create an affiliate marketing website in 9 easy steps

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